Tuesday, May 23, 2006

May is Bike Month: First close call

I had my first close call on the roadie today. Turns out that a car and I wanted to both get into a construction lane on BYU campus at the same time. That was a little awkward for me because I didn't know we were racing and I was in front doing 20 ish MPH and the car came speeding up behind me to cut me off in the construction lane and squeeze me into the cones (I hit the brakes rather than hitting the car or the cones).

The dumb thing about it was that we all arrived at the red light at the end of the block together. I was surprised that I was more angry than scared by the whole thing.

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Dawnawanna said...

It's all down hill from here... I have a close call about every other ride. Always assume they don't see you, because it's probably true.

I also think they are suprised by how fast we can go on our bikes. I don't think they expect us to be going 20-25 on the flats. We were going downhill the other day at 45 and a construction truck wouldn't pass us because we were going the speed limit (either that or he got a kick out of holding up the 2 cars behind him). Nice guy, waved at us and everything.