Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Provo is complete again

Provo now has an Indian lunch buffet again. Bombay House quit doing lunch a few years ago (allegedly, the owner wanted more time at home). The new Indian place is on Center Street at about 100 W in Provo where Beuno Vita used to be. Yes, it's true, Beuno Vita is gone. The Indian buffet was very good, but the prices are a little steep. I hope they make it!


jeff said...

I don't know if you noticed, but the operator is a former Bombay House employee. I agree, the buffet was good but a little pricey. For the Tikka Masala fans, the owner told me they have it on the buffet on Fridays.

Anonymous said...

That really is too bad about Bombay House, that place was the best Indian restaurant I've ever been to (speaking wholistically, food, price, atmosphere), and I have been to many all over the country.