Tuesday, May 16, 2006

May is Bike Month: Roadie Nirvana

My brother-in-law hooked me up with a Specialized Allez Sport from George's Bicycles in Logan. We did 25 miles this morning. That worked out well except for when I got a yellowjacket stuck in my jersey. So I got the first scratch on my bike when I jumped off to get the yellowjacket out. He was biting me. It hurt.

I get a little twinge of grattiude when I ride by the former WordPerfect campus on my roadie in my spiffy WordPerfect team jersey because Alan Ashton funded most of the last two years of my undergraduate degree. His example not only helped me get through school but helped me see the value of philanthropy. We aren't sponsoring any 140% of tuition scholarships yet, but we do what we can with what we have.

Bring on the Tours (de France and of Utah)!


Dawnawanna said...

Congrats! Bolt-on some aerobars and you can be a triathlete! Come to think of it, I've got a spare set of clip-on aerobars in the garage... Think of how much faster you'll go :)

You should check Fat Cyclist's Blog. Lately he's been talking about his dieting but the biking stuff is hysterical. He's got a really funny article poking fun at triathletes (it's all true).

Anthony Barney said...

I have encountered yellowjackets while mountain biking, they get really pissed off when you crash into their nest, and they fly really fast. Thankfully, the longevity of such an attack is limited to proximity to the nest, so within 30 seconds I was out of what they considered "their territory".

Rob said...

Glad your okay, those little suckers seem bigger this year.

Mike Jones said...

We did the same ride Thursday (plus South Fork). I kept my jersey zipped the whole way down to avoid a repeat.

A guy I know about hit a deer at 30ish on the Alpine loop once. That would have been messy.

Dawnawanna said...

Guy I ride with got hit buy the leg of a deer... The rest of it took out the woman behind him. The deer had been hit by a semi in the opposite lane and came through the group in pieces.

Apparently the female rider was way more upset about the broken team Euskateli Orbea frame than her broken bones. Gotta keep those priorities straight.