Friday, May 12, 2006

A Democratic Blog that might help Utah Democrats emerge from obscurity

Rob Miller over at The Utah Amicus has been blogging from the left for some time now. The thing about Rob's blog is that (a) He's not whiney (b) He's very reasonable and (c) He sticks to the issues and advances the Democratic philosophy.

As a moderate (by Utah standards) Repuplican activist, my advice to Utah Democrats is: find more people like Rob Miller and give them more power and visibility in your party.


John Marlor said...

Holy smokes a republician that is on the ball and not out to feather his own nest. You, sir, are right Rob Miller is on the ball and concerned about this state and its problems. More people should take notice that Democrats have some positive answers to problems facing Utah and the people who live in this fair state.

Rob said...

Marlor does my whining for me.

Thank you for your thoughts, and by the way, you have been linked.

DemDiva said...

I agree with you about Rob Miller. He truely believes in "Human Values" vs. "Democrat" or "Republican" values. He attempts to spread this thinking whenever he gets the opportunity. I look forward to his continued success in the Democratic Party, and his future as a leader in our beautiful two party (almost) State.

DemDiva said...

Oh, and if you want to become a member of his fan club, contact me, membership fees go directly to the Democratic Party fundraising efforts. :)

Darrell J said...

You should have heard Miller at Saturday's convention, he gave me the chills, the good kind that tells you that you're experincing truth or something remarkable.

When he said something like "democrats understand that our greatest value is when we value each other", I realized that I was listening to someone very special.

Thanks for noticing one of the good guys.