Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Why the Democratic Party in Utah will Remain in Obscurity (part 1)

Chuck Lambert's missive in today's DesNews gives the first reason why Utah Democrats are destined to obscurity. Memo to Chuck (and the rest of you): quit whining about Utah voters being Republican lemmings and figure out a way to make you party platform and candidates appeal to more Utah voters while remaining grounded in Democratic principles. You might also quit calling the majority of voters "lemmings." And someday you might see that Utah voters can be lemming-like Democrats too.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps more people should read the platform and then decide if Democrats do not fit “Utah values”. By the way, if you are trying to relate gays and abortion as the reasons why Utahns do not vote Democratic, you need to be aware of what Republicans are doing locally and nationally. For example, 70% of national Republicans support Pro-Choice. What's more, one of the largest caucuses in the Republican Party is the Log Cabin Caucus which are gay/lesbian Republicans. In addition, there a several elected Republicans nationally who are openly gay. Myself, I support the LDS stance on abortion and I am not gay. My point is that too many Republicans are hypocritical when comes to stereotyping Democrats.
-Richard Watson
Chair, Davis County Democrats

Mike Jones said...


First off, now that I see how much work it takes to be involved in a politcal party, I have to say: nice work and thanks for your time. I think Utah is much better off with two healthy polical parties.

What I was trying to say is simply this: if the Democratic party wants to gain power in Utah then saying things like "go read the platform" and "too many Republicans are hypocritical" is not the way to go. Maybe the party could spend less time calling the majority of the voters lemmings and hypocrits and more time getting their message out.

I think many Utah Republicans are so loosely affiliated with the party that you all could pick off like 10-20% of them just by changing your image (and not your principles). Most registered Republicans in Utah haven't read the Republican platform either!

I've read the Utah Democratic platform (I read it after getting elected Precinct Chair). My Republican colleagues would be delighted to find that it even mentions gun rights.

- Mike Jones
Chair, Orem 37th Republican Precinct (the Fightin' 37th)