Saturday, May 27, 2006

Is CNN always this wrong?

Lou Dobbs' insinuation that the LDS church is recruiting Mexicans to relocate to Utah to fill the pews is just funny. How many CNN achors' assertions are similarly unfounded? (I am willing to admit that I have been duped by a vast LDS conspiracy on this one, but I haven't seen any facts to support Dobbs' claim yet).

If the LDS church realy is recruiting Mexicans to come to Utah, then I don't know why an they aren't doing a very good job. In my neighborhood, there are two LDS churches within 1/2 mile of my house and about 4 churches within 1 mile. They are all full every Sunday from 9am to 4pm (with 3 wards per building) and there are plans to build another 1 or 2 within 1 mile. Ironically, the smallest church congregation in my neighborhood is the Spanish speaking congregation. Of the 5 Latin American families I know of in my neighborhood, only 2 are LDS families that attend church. By contrast, 6 of 7 American families on my street are LDS and attend Church on Sunday.

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