Thursday, October 06, 2005

Adam Gladwell = Ammon Gladwell

Previously, I wrote about a BYU student Adam Gladwell who was killed in a car accident. Ammon's real name is Ammon not Adam and here is his obiturary. And it brings back strong memories of meeting my former teaching assistant's parents at his viewing in South Jordan. The world would be a better place if these students were still with us.


Anonymous said...

ammon gladwell was a man who made a mark on this world. he treated others as he would want to be treated. you wonder why such good people are taken away from this wolrd so at such an early age. ammon had actualy in good deeds age was 80. he will be missed but will have his convictions carried on by those whom he had crossed paths. ammon thank you for the time and impression you have made on my sons and family. we will think of you as we continued your good deeds.

Staci S. said...

ammon and I went to high school together.We were in many plays together. What I remember about Ammon is his smiling face. he was always happy, smilin' and laughin'.
When I learned of Ammon's death it was such a shock to me and my community. He was always quick to help a person in need. Ammon was so involved in his community and school. Ammon is greatly missed by many people but the impression that he left on every life that he touched will never be forgotten.