Thursday, October 06, 2005

My last negative comment on Mayor Anderson and the Taliban in Utah in particular

... is that does telling a newspaper in the UK that living in SLC is somewhat Kafka-esque and like living under the Taliban (a) encourage people in England to visit or do bussiness in SLC or (b) discourage people in England from visiting or doing bussiness in SLC? If you live in SLC, then you know that the mayor isn't all that serious and SLC is a great place to live. But if you live in the UK, then it is likely that all you've heard about Utah is that it's backward and dominated by Mormons. The Mayor's comments, even if given in jest, seem to reinforce the stereotype.

Anyway, I got to quit lobbing potshots at the Mayor and spend my time on more productive things. Mayor Anderson did some good things with shopping carts and flags at crosswalks during his first term (remember when he used to actually address issues in the city?) and he's just sort of drifting this time aroundn. His treatment of the Main Street issue was first-rate.

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