Monday, October 24, 2005

Last weekend in Utah Football

BYU unsurprisingly lost to Notre Dame. There were two surprises in this game: first, our offense did surprisingly well (at times) and, second, our secondary is terrible. Not only does our secondary fail to turn around and look at the ball in an effort to avoid pass interference calls, but they can't seem to keep up with anyone. As they become fully invested in Bronco's program, they will get better.

Utah won a huge game at UNLV. Yes, I did just use "huge game" and "UNLV" in the same sentence. A stunned silence must have fallen on the Rebel faithful at Sam Boyd Stadium (which is smaller than my high school stadium in Montgommery Alabama) as the beleaguered Utes avoided last place in the MWC by hanging on against UNLV. Not since BYU beat Wyoming in a thriller for the 1996 WAC championship has Sam Boyd stadium seen such a huge game.

Urban Meyer: bye week.

Alex Smith: went 8-for-16 for 92 yards with an int and a fumble. Brutal. By the way, the 49ers will honor hall of famer, and BYU alum, Steve Young at the Nov 20 game against Seattle. Maybe Steve can give Alex some pointers? Alex will do fine eventually. The NFL is alot different than the mighty MWC but he'll adapt soon enough.

Luke Stahely: New to the list, but may not stay long. Luke is trying out for the Arena Football League in Utah. Luke's a quality guy I hope he does well and can avoid returning to cell phone sales in the mall. Anybody that goes from Doak Walker award winner and alround BYU celebrity to selling phones deserves a break. Go Luuuuuke!

USU: Oh, I think they lost to Boise State, but my sister can fill in the details if the Aggies were indeed playing the Broncos (she did her MS and BS at USU and is working in some kind of lab that I don't understand at BSU, so she's connected).


Dawnawanna said...

The Aggies looked suprisingly good during the first half. We didn't even consider changing to BSU sweatshirts until the 3rd quarter. USU lost 45-21 (or something like that). I think the Aggies are actually improving, they didn't punt on 3rd down a single time.

Our BSU lab investigates the effects of the anthracycline chemotherapy drugs on cardiac calsequestrin (at least until it closes in July 06).

Mike Jones said...

Like I said, you work on "stuff that I don't understand." Why can't you work on something simple like predicate sets generated from static analysis to improve the termination of least fixpoint algorithms for underapproximating finite bismulation quotients for infinite state spaces in software verification?

What! Your lab is closing? What happened?

Dawnawanna said...

My boss got a huge promotion. She'll be the director of the BSU Center for Education and Learning (It'll help faculty be better teachers). The new job doesn't involve research. I will most likely move down a floor to work in a prominant molecular biology lab dealing with bone density, cartilage, and cancer research. I'll probably also still work with cardiac calsequestrin but helping with EPR studies. We're planning on me applying for PhD school next year (molecular biology/enzyme mechanisms). First choice is probably the U.