Thursday, October 20, 2005

Why the Green Party is a Load of Garbage.

I recently noted Jen's Green Journal [in Utah] in my continual perusal of the web find the latest and greatest Utahania. Reading far left diatribe reminded my why I think the Green Party is a load of garbage. I'll try to be brief. The executive summary is that my first encounters with the Green Party at a young age were not entirely positive.

On August 31 1981, a car bomb exloded outside the Headquarters of the United States Air Force in Europe. Fortunately, at 7:20 am, my dad's secretary had just bent down to open a drawer and wasn't killed by the flying glass. This bombing was conducted by the Red Army Faction. "Coincidentaly," the Green Party rose to national prominance in Germany at the same time the Red Army Faction disbanded.

One morning, I remember watching a peace protest (interesting juxtaposition of ideas isn't it?) parade go by our house in Ramstein. They were Greens they didn't like Americans. I am American. The Greens spray painted their stupid peace sign and anti-American graffitti all over Ramstein (well, not everyhwere, mostly just around the base).

How can someone who is American align themselves with people like this and remain logically consistent? It seems to me that if you are a Green, then you shouldn't even want to live in the United States. So why stay?

The US military was in Europe to give the communists something to think about before they come over the wall and took over Europe too. It must have worked, because Western Europe is still Western Europe and communism has since gone away. (Lest you think I am a raving anti-communist a la Cleon Skousen, I have a great picture of me standing in a group of Russian Air Force Cadets in a town square in Smolensk taken on April 25 1986 (the date is easy to remember because it was day 1 of the Chernobyl meltdown). We had a great chat about life, being in the military etc. They appeared to be good people)

I suppose that if we had all sat back in our sunflower gardens and just thought happy thoughts about eachother and tried not to be afraid then things would have turned out the same?

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Dawnawanna said...

To this day I can't stand that circular peace symbol or Green Peace because of those experiences in Germany. They're terrorists.