Monday, October 10, 2005

Last Weekend in Utah Football

BYU: huge emotional win in New Mexico. Homecoming is this weekend against CSU. Last time we played CSU for homecoming was the Great Homecoming Massacre of 2003. My wife and I left at halftime because BYU was already down by like 21 at the half. Let's hope for better this year. We took our then 1 year old daughters to the game and didn't want to expose them to the filth that was happening on the field.

Utah: Lost a close one at CSU. You had to know that the Utes' luck at CSU would run out eventually. In 2003, they won at CSU on a flukey defensive touchdown late in the 4th quarter and needed an interception even later in the 4th quarter to seal the deal.

Alex Smith: Welcome to the NFL. I guess the NFL defenses are a little faster, stronger and smarter than the competition he faces in the mighty MWC and against Pitt. Not to worry though, I think he'll do just fine after a few games and/or years of getting pounded at SF. Ty Detmer, who did win the Heisman by the way, didn't do all that well in the NFL either.

USU: Beat SJSU. Got their first WAC win. Nice work.

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