Thursday, October 13, 2005

Utah has...

the highest number of homicides in 4 years.
the highest fertility rate, youngest median age of first marriage, highest percentage of married households
the sharpest increase in alcohol related traffic deaths but still has the lowest rate of traffic deaths involving alcohol
the top state government web site (thanks for all your hard work Phil, oh, and all the Utah state IT people too I guess).
I guess Utah is has lots of children, a good government website and the probabilities of getting murdered or killed by a drunk driver are going up.

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Navneet Sharma said...

Hi Mike,

I read the article. It looks reasonable until you look at the percentage of unmarried women living below the poverty line..

I was trying to imagine what it'd be like for the child (and, of course, the mother).

In India, kids (of parents below poverty line) would (I think...) never get to go to school and would consider themselves lucky if they can eat a stomachful once a day.

Was wondering if/how the govt supports such families?

Will do my research, appreciate your inputs.