Thursday, October 06, 2005

Opening for my Mom's New Library

I'd like to invite everyone to the opening celebration for my Mom's new library in South Jordan this Saturday starting at 10 am. Fortunately, the library isn't in Salt Lake City so you don't have to fear reprisals from the Taliban if you check out the wrong stuff. The interior feels cozy like a Barnes and Noble complete with comfy chairs tucked away for quiet reading (except you don't have to feel guilty about reading the books without paying for them!). They've got bean bags all over the place and the reading areas are arranged to take optimal advantage of the natural light coming through the large windows. The Utah outdoors travel section has all the right books (and I assume the other sections do too). Even more fortunately, the county didn't spend so much on the architecture that there's no money left for books.


joel said...

I don't think you have to feel guilty about reading at Barnes and Noble. I'm pretty sure they want you to do that.

Navneet Sharma said...


Saw the pic...the library does look Hi-tech.


Neha Rungta said...

Barnes and Noble definitely wants people to come and read. When in the Not(Utah) world they assume if people are going to sit there and read they are going to atleast buy coffee or food. Even in the Utah world if you sit like 5 hours in a bookstore you are bound to want to buy books. They want people to come in and spend time. They offer free wireless connection etc.