Monday, October 17, 2005

Last week in Utah Football

BYU: another quality win (the nice thing about Coch Mendenhall's first year is that any win is a quality win). CSU should have known that BYU would run the ball because getting the game done before midnight would get the cougar faithful home before the Sabbath. Now if BYU can just keep it rolling with a win at, um, Notre Dame this weekend. Ok, I'll settle for not being shut out in a respectable loss. Coah Mendenhall's combination of scriptural phrases with football in the media is an interesting idea and I am curious to see if it has negative consequences in the long run

Utah: another punishing loss. Even I sort of feel bad for how far they have fallen. I think I hear the U of U football tradition calling as the Utes sink into another hapless season of mediocrity as the MWC teams line up to exact revenge for last years' lopsided Utah wins. Coach Wittingham will get this figured out, the question is whether or not the Ute faithful will give him time. If you think BYU fans are rude to their team in a loosing season (which they were) then you got to think that Utah fans will be worse.

Urban Meyer: Wow. Even I feel bad for how badly things are going at Florida. Coach Meyer is a quality guy (except for running up scores in the MWC last year, but he probably had to do it to stay high in the polls. Still.) and a wealthy guy, he just may not end up being a popular guy in Florida.

Alex Smith: I think SF must have had a bye week. But it is the NFL and I just don't care about the NFL enough to dig into it.

USU: lost to someone. Better luck next time.

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Dawnawanna said...

I believe USU got stomped by Fresno State. Go Aggies.

Good thing I work at Boise State so I have something to cheer for.