Monday, October 10, 2005

South Jordan Library is now open!

The grand opening was surprisingly well attended. We rolled in at 10:02 for the 10:00 am opening and you can imagine our surprise when the parking lot was full. A cub scout pack did the flag ceremony and those in the know say they did a great job.

Our two year olds loved the children's section. The children's librarian read them some books which they really liked. We think of the South Jordan library as an extension of our twin girls' grandmother's living room because, in reality, it is. And they love going to "Grandma's library"

It was standing room only. A few mayors spoke. While the mayors' talks were um, slow, I am extremely impressed with the vision and forsight of the South Jordan city government.

Then the library council chairperson spoke. He pointed out that all the great technology isn't the point. The point is the books, learning and ideas. I like that. The the librarian spoke, she talked about what she wanted to accomplish with the design and was very passionate about her library. Oddly, that's exactly what I would have said if I were the librarian and I had to speak (ok, she asked me what I would say if I had to talk and that's what I told her I would say :)).


Anonymous said...

Check out this new children's book, "The Legend of the Chocolate River," by Coco LaBon. It is for ages 4-8.

Dawnawanna said...

I was informed yesterday that our daughter wants, "to go visit grandma's work."