Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Taliban in Utah = a few members of the City Council?

Mayor Anderson took a few minutes to clarify his Taliban comments. The Taliban was really some of the members on his city council (accoding to KSL).

Fair enough, let's pursue the idea a little. How many deaths can we attribute to the SLC council? Good thing we don't have a stadium for Real Salt Lake yet because it would have been used for executions. I suppose Portland, Denver and Las Vegas are live under the Taliban too because you can't buy alcohol for visitors using city funds there either.

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Neha Rungta said...

I am sure they even forbid their wives, daughters to an education, and don't let them earn (all the things that were true under a Taliban regime). I hate when people make these absurd analogies. They have no idea or clue about what it is to live in world like that. Its funny if such things are said on late night shows, it their job to make fun of the system. But when an elected official makes such analogies its just stupid.