Monday, October 03, 2005

The battle is brewing over benefits for all live-in dependents in SLC

Ethan over at SLCSPIN has an enlightening discussion of the recent counter-proposal for benefits for live-in (but not married) dependents of city employees. Briefly, Mayor Anderson's proposal is for same-sex couples only and the city council includes everyone. I wonder if the city council is really trying to be equitable here or if they are trying to frame a legal fight using the wording of Utah's recently passed constitutional ammendment that defines marriage and disallows recognition of other domestic unions with similar legal effect. I am quite sure that Rocky's proposal is a careful set up for a legal battle.

On this issue, I wonder if it possible to be "homo-isotonic" (rather than homophobic or homophillic) and oppose all benefits for non-married live-in dependents?

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